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SAVANA Forum Rules - Please read before posting

Postby webmaster » Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:46 pm

This forum is my personal initiative and I am not authorized to represent the Savana community neither have I been appointed as an official member to represent the community. We do not have any source to any official information from the RPS Group, all the views and opinions expressed in this forum are personal views/opinions of the forum members and should not taken as official representation. This forum has been created as a platform for all members of the RPS Savana society to interact with each other regarding the project. This is a private and non-profit community and is not affiliated/sponsored by the RPS Group or any other organization.


SAVANA is a mutual community, intended to provide a resourceful and enjoyable medium to the owners of our society – RPS SAVANA Faridabad. It is therefore imperative that you, as a member, observe the following rules to maintain the harmony of this community. To enhance the quality of the discussion along with the content of the forums, we request that you abide by the following rules and guidelines when viewing, posting or replying to messages in the forum.

This forum is open to all. However if you are below the age of 13 we expect you to take your parent's or local guardian's permission before registering.

While the staff members and the moderating team of this forum will try their best to keep offensive or derogatory content out of this website/forum, neither nor our website hosts takes any responsibility for any content that is posted on this forum by any user.

1. Flaming will not be tolerated. While we are committed to freedom of expression, a deliberate attempt to malign or to hurt the feelings of a member or a specific community will not be tolerated. No personal attacks on any member will be entertained. This includes any direct / indirect attempt at trolling. All members are part of the community and any discriminating or derogatory comment will be dealt with severely.

2. Please show respect for yourself and other members of this forum. Please refrain from using derogatory remarks and language in the forums.

3. A decent communication protocol must be adhered to. Foul language and use of abusive words/photographs in posts/avatars/signatures/topics is STRICTLY prohibited.

4. Racism - Any racist or sexist remarks will be deleted and the member will be warned or banned. The internet is one world where color or creed or sex is not an issue.

5. Discussions involving politics or religion are to be avoided, due to their highly subjective nature which can lead to volatile and inconclusive debates.

We, the support staff, will work very hard in maintaining the quality of this community and would respect the same from your end.

Thanking you for your anticipated co-operation.
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