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Discussion on Strategy after meeting HUDA and DTCP officials

Postby agarwalsanjeev » Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:44 pm

Hi all,

By this time you would have read the minutes issued by Mr. Dheeraj and update by Jayanta. Rohit has confirmed the farmers strike is over, which is a great news. Our further strategy is:

1 - To find which roads falls under the category of Rs. 275 crore allocated fund for the development of Master Road. A study of such sector roads is essential. Those who know about it, may share the layout plan exclusive for Master Road.

- I am still unaware how these master roads will help the connectivity from Badarpur. More study is required by me.

- I have a impression that without Kheri Road, it is not possible. I need an update layout plan.

2 - The process of registration of association shall be completed by me on 4th October. I have yet to modify the objectives of the association. I wish that if members can go through and suggest modification, so that this can be finalised and given to Mr. Yadav on coming Monday.

3- A meeting with Naharpar area MLA is proposed in 3rd week/4th week to appraise him what HUDA and these colonisers have cheated the future residents of Sector 75 to 89. He may be of great help to pressurise HUDA and builders. We need his support. He is from the opposition party, thus more helpful.

It is the congress government, who allowed the developers to buy the land from farmers and awarded license though DTCP without any external infrastructure development. We are cheated because of govt. policy.

4- As BPTP is a grand success without external infra development, thus the same approach can be taken from our builders as well. Retheesh has rightly said, we need to pressurise our builders. Since our association includes all the members of the society therefore each group has to independently meet their builders. Dheeraj has already confirmed that their people are meeting on 16th Oct. I recommend the nearby date to meet RPS.

- Jayanta and Gaurav, Let us start connecting people through phone calls and see how many people can reach to RPS office on 16/17 Oct. I am contacting on regular basis and getting positive results.
Retheesh - you need to speak to faridabad people. Please confirm do you have contact no. Gaurav to co-ordinate with Retheesh.


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Re: Discussion on Strategy after meeting HUDA and DTCP offic

Postby dheerajjain » Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:46 pm

Hello All/Sanjeev,

1. Please find attached layout plan. I have taken it from RPS website.It will clear all doubts over connectivity and how kheri road will be skipped. Also, please note that in Rs 275 crore budget for roads, at least 2 new bridges will be constructed over canal hence providing connectivity from back side sector roads.

2. I strongly emphasize for media and political coverage. For that, we should organize protests in front of HUDA office so that media coverage is there. Media is very powerful and ensure HUDA does not deviate from its path now.

3. I beg to differ from viewpoint that BPTP is 'grand success'. BPTP princess park apartments which are having similiar specifications as our flats are priced lowest at Rs 1400/- per sq ft . Whereas in Piyush and RPS Savana, we are having rates between Rs 1600 - Rs 1800/per sq ft.

4. Lastly, even now no land acquisition can be done. Farmers have submited their demands to authorities and authorities will reply back to them in 1 month.
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