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Swimming pool @ Princess Park

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Community forum for members of BPTP Princess Park, Sector 86, BPTP Parklands, Faridabad

Swimming pool @ Princess Park

Postby divya » Mon Jun 09, 2014 2:54 pm

Dear all

I have few experiences to share from my last visit to the Swimming Pool @ princess park

I was asked to stay away from the poolside while I was watching and keeping a check at my kid's security as she is very new to the pool and learning few steps on her own.

I understand the rules must have been made after due consideration of resident's comfort. But I guess we need to rethink about this rule as its a question about KIDS's life...

With only few guards around, I dont think they will be able to watch all the kids.

I as a mother would not like to give my life in someone else's hand and rather be around to take care in case of any eventuality.

I strongly believe that all the parents will have the same opinion and they would not want to play with their kids' s life.

You all are requested to share your opinion and change this rule.

Though I am very uncomfortable with taking my slippers out ( in this hot weather!!) , but will still agree to , as its harmless. The dust comes with the wind , not with slippers as we do not soke them in the pool water.

Will request the team to please address to the first issue on urgent basis.

Many thanks
Best Rgds
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GFWA Member
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Re: Swimming pool @ Princess Park

Postby rajivferroin » Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:11 pm

Dear Divya,

Please note i am not from Princess park but since your post is visible to others as well so thought of responding as well.

The suggestion you are mooting is not worth while, my kids also go to swimming and this is how things happen there.

My kid started from small pool with water starting from 1 feet to around 3 ft, her coaching was done at 1-2 feets for initial period under the watchful eyes of instructor and life guards. Then my kid progressed and now she swims in 12 feel pool... but this is a progression from 1 feet depth. At no stage was any parent was allowed near the pool. All parents were asked to move to gallery so that kids can focus on learning without any interference or distraction. not all pools might have areas starting with 1 feet depth but in that case you cant be asking you kid to be trained in a 5 ft or 12th pool without even making them comfortable at different depths, in that case please join some professional clubs wherein your kid is allowed to be trained in depth (water) as per their level. You need to gradually move up rather than risking life of kids but directly allowing in deep water and then assuming that all eyes in pool have to be on 1 kid is not reasonable because that one does not know to swim at all. and in that case you will need one life guard per kid.

I took my kids to a pool whose instructors are fully qualified and life guards are in adequate numbers; if you feel that they are not qualified enough or not giving attention then these should be sacked immediately because even if you are at pool you will not be able to save anyone unless you are professionally trained. And with regards to shoes please dont blame nature for dust rather than look for ways how to make it more cleaner. Currently you are suggesting that A bring x amount of dust, then B should be allowed to bring y amount of dust; pls focus on how to reduce the dust from A and make it more cleaner

Sorry to say but i do not accept your logic of standing next to pool in your shoes for reasons such as safety of your kid and that nature brings more dust than your shoes. Pls note that nature can only bring dust but shoes can bring even lot of unhealthy things stuck to it

For your kids safety please try to bring in more professionalism in approach rather than personal view/comfort.

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Re: Swimming pool @ Princess Park

Postby sreeradhey » Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:36 pm

Dear Mr Rajiv

Whatever you replied is not sensible and express your limited exposure to the world.Divya ji concerned is very logical and a mother all points raised by her are genuine and shall be rectified asap.
Good Luck
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Re: Swimming pool @ Princess Park

Postby rajivferroin » Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:56 pm

Dear Mr Sreeradhey,

How can my reply tell you of my exposure, i am replying you on what best can be done, if you have more suggestions then lets discuss that rather telling me i am not sensible when your response looks totally absurd.

I am also father of a girl. I suggested ways to improve security as happens worldwide and you are suggesting that is not sensible. So you are saying that my suggestion of having qualified professionals is not sensible; you also seem to ignoring my idea of progressive approach rather than going into full depth without any experience in swimming; how can this be not sensible. I am saying that a mother cant be expected to jump into water to save their kids, rather life guards should be more professional and keeping watchful eye (if they are not qualified or sensible then replace them). You seem to be suggesting that bring on shoes as nature bring same/more amount of dust. There are other ways as well such as shoe caps so that you still go to pool with your shoes.

Common man, grow up and try to be open to views from others when asking for comments from thousands of people in these forums; you are just saying that her concerns will be rectified; so i assume you will allow all parents and their relatives to stand next to pool and you will ask pool people to not stop anyone with shoes. Great... hope not all societies have pool managers like you :); you are in 21st century grow up please
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Junior Member
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Re: Swimming pool @ Princess Park

Postby Mpower » Fri Aug 15, 2014 1:37 pm

Two things to ponder:

Who assumes responsibility when the child enters the pool? If the lifeguards do, then they should be "lifeguards" and not watchmen and gardeners on substitution who have been directed by a clueless property manager to not allow dust (the concern should be on safety and then on hygiene). If parents swim, they should be in the pool with kids who are learning to swim unless it is a swimming course.

The bigger question is about Civic Sense - this is probably missing.
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