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Re: Preparations on by HUDA for acquisition of land in Neharpar

Postby rky0111 » Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:31 pm

Name: Ravindra Kumar
Alottee of Ozone Park
Amount: 500
Bank: SBI, Faridabad
UTR: SBINH 11175822232
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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby Vineetsood2003 » Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:41 pm


Payment has been made.

Name: Vineet Sood
Project: KST Whispering Heights Sec 88 Faridabad.
Transaction Number is: 090022959159813
Details are:

From Account 56XX9XXX28
Amount 500.00
Branch Location FARIDABAD:IFSC:FDRL0001381
Account Type Savings
Service charges(INR) 5.00
Your account will be debited on 24-JUN-2011


Vineet Sood
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Re: Preparations on by HUDA for acquisition of land in Neharpar

Postby abhishekgera » Fri Jun 24, 2011 1:05 pm


I had made payment of 500.

Ozone park.

Tran date 21-06-11.

Payment details : Abhishek Gera

bank ICICI
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GFWA Member
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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby vineet » Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:48 am

Hi Friends,
As mentioned in my below mail, payment receipt confirmations have been sent to few of you yesterday night. Rest of the confirmations will be sent tonight or tomorrow so if any of you have paid but do not get confirmation by Sunday evening, please write to me.

Till now we have reached about 130 contributions but its still far away from the numbers we require to file writ against EDC rise.

For the friends who have not paid yet—please sit back and think for few seconds. If we did not have this platform to get together & fight for our interests and had received EDC increase(@ Rs 100 per sq ft) demands from our builders, what would we have done?

In my opinion, we just had two options –

1. To pay the demand which will be minimum 1,25,000(taking 1250 sq ft house).
2. To fight against it in the court by spending more than the above amount.

Numbers is our strength. We can fight against EDC increase by paying just Rs 500/- because of numbers but each of us has to take the onus and make our contributions.

For convenience of all, following members are available as nodal points for payments:

1. Vineet Mishra Faridabad Sec-45
2. Vinita Nandwani Faridabad Sec-28 (nr Badhkal chowk) 8800350088
3. Ajay Yadav Ballabhgarh(covers sec 7-10 Fbd) 9811354474
4. Seema Joshi Dwarka Sec-10 9810973857
5. Gayatri Bajpai Gurgaon Sec-56 9999500167
6. Sanjeev Kumar Gurgaon DLF Phase-III 9958196520
7. Manish Gupta Noida Sec-82 9891239112
8. Kumud Ranjan Ghaziabad (Nr Pacific mall) 9971155126

Please call any of above members, fix up time and drop your cheques/cash. You will be getting payment receipt confirmations within 7 days of payment.

The cheque should be in favour of ‘Greater Faridabad Welfare Association A/c# 13810100112470’. Please mention your name, cell#, mail ID, Project name, Tower and flat number on reverse of the cheque.

For members who wish to send their cheques through courier (pls do not send speed/regd post), please send you cheques at below address:

Together we win..


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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby webmaster » Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:51 pm

People from south Delhi can contact me and meet me at Lajpat Nagar 4 to handover contribution.


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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby vineet » Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:47 am

I request below friends to please fill up membership forms. We have recd your payments on NEFT but do not have project details for our records. For payments, I have issued receipts and receipt# is provided below.

Please quote your receipt# for any a/c related queries to

Name Transaction Transaction date(NEFT) GFWA receipt#
Jatinder Kumar NEFT 13.5.11 0094
Sanjeev K. Daksh NEFT 13.5.11 0095
Anil K. Sharma NEFT 20.5.11 0096
Burman P&D NEFT 23.5.11 0097
Pankaj Arora NEFT 24.5.11 0098
Rajiv Malhotra NEFT 22.6.11 0100
Puran Mahori Cheque#890826 Vijaya Bank 0230
*names taken from bank stmt so excuse me for spellings.


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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby drajitpratap » Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:07 am

Mr Vineet,
I have deposited cheque of Rs. 500 for membership in GK 2 ATM of Federal bank on 26/06/11. Cheque no is 297597 of HDFC bank.
Please let me know when the amount is credited to GFWA account.
My property is in Omaxe spa village Castle tower penthouse B1009/1010. My other investement is in DD city for which i am planning to move to court.
Thanx and regards,
Dr ajit
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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby parashar_2000_in » Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:52 am

Hi Vineet,
I've transferred the 500 Rs for GFWA membership and filled up the form. GFWA a/c should be credited by 28-Jun.
Pls confirm.

ICICI Bank Transaction Request Number: 24921839
Name: Vishal Parashar
Proj: Ferrous City, Sect-89
Current Res.: Gurgaon

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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby dheerajjain » Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:20 pm

GFWA Core members met today and took stock of current status. We are now set to take legal action against Haryana Govt. for increase in EDC charges. But, we are running short of funds. Writ petition has to be filed in Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh for getting stay order.

People who have NOT contributed, please contribute ASAP. Omaxe has already came out with letter which is indicating an increase of Rs 107/sq ft in EDC charges meaning impact of more than Rs 1 lakh per flat.

GFWA has also made nodal points for contributions.
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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby vineet » Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:08 pm

Dear Friends,

Payment receipt confirmations for payments recd as on 24th June (11 am in our bank or cash recd till now) have been sent to all. In case you have paid and have not recd confirmation, please write to me at

For payments after above date, we will issue the receipts within 7 days. For information of all, below are the members who have contributed till now:

S. No. Name Projectname
1 Narendra Chhabra SRS residency
2 R S Garg BPTP
3 Vineet Mishra RPS Savna
4 Nabin K Niyogi Shiv Sai
5 Debmalya Bhar Shiv Sai
6 Rajesh Kumar Ozone Park
7 Ramvilas Singh Ozone Park
8 Anand Kishore Dass Ozone Park
9 Manish Gupta SRS residency
10 A K Gaur Omaxe
11 Yash Pal Monga RPS Palms
12 Rahul Kumar Goel SRS Residency
13 Shamsher Singh ERA Divine Court
14 Dheeraj Jain Piyush Heights
15 sanjeev kumar RPS Savana
16 Pankaj Rawat BPTP Princess Park
17 RAJAT BHATIA The Ozone Park
18 Karnail S Majithia PRANAYAM
19 Jayanta Barua RPS Savana
20 Satpal Sharma RPS Savana
21 Pankaj Singh Omaxe
22 Jatinder Kumar SRS Royal Hills
23 Anindya Ray RPS Savana
24 Sunil Kumar Bansal Omaxe Heights, Faridabad
25 Shankar Kumar RPS Savana
26 Ramandeep Singh SRS Residency
27 Vinod Nandwani Omaxe Heights
28 Mohit Gupta Ozone Park
29 shefani RPS SAVANA
31 Raja Roy Chowdhury SRS Residency Sector 88
32 Deepak kumar aggarwal RPS SAVANA
33 Lalit Gupta OZONE PARK
34 Dinesh Gupta Omaxe Height, Sector-86, Faridabad
35 Pooja Bharti RPS Savana
36 Brijesh Verma Piyush Heights
37 Yogesh Rps-savanna
38 Harvinder ORS - Royal Residency
39 Manu OmaxeHeights
40 T. N. Kushwaha Triveni Galaxy
42 murlik RPS Savana
43 Prof. Sheikh Raisuddin BPTP Park Floor-II
44 Vineet Agrawal RPS Savana
45 Vikram Datta Choudhury RPS Savana
46 Sushil Bhatt SRS residency
47 Vishnu Kumar RPS Savana
48 Manish Ozone Park
49 Jagbir Singh Omaxe Spa Village
50 subodh manchanda savana
51 Ayush Sardana RPS Savana
52 Nitin Gupta RPS SAVANA
53 Arun Shah Ozone Park
54 Rikki Anand RPS Savana
55 Sandeep Batra BPTP Pricess Park
56 Anuj Bansal RPS Savana
57 A C Srivastava RPS PALMS
58 Puneet Bhatia Ozone Park Apartments
59 Ranjit Singh Kandhari RPS Savana
61 Rajeev Sharma RPS Savana Fridabad Sec 88
63 Robin Kumar SRS Residency
64 V P Satija SRS Residency, Sector 88
65 Sanjay Sirohi RPS Savana
66 Ashish Gupta RPS Savana
67 Pijush Haldar ERA Redwood
68 Nitin Bajaj SPR Imperial Estate
69 Surjit Mitra Ozone Park
70 Sanjay K Suri Ferrous city
71 Atul Agarwal SRS
72 Rajendra Uppal
73 Piyush Gupta Era Redwood
74 Rohit Jain RPS Savana
75 Atul Kumar Ferrous city
76 I. Adyalkar Ferrous city
77 Bunty Bhowmik RPS Savana
78 Ajay Yadav Uppal Jade
79 MT Omaxe
80 Manjit Singh BPTP
81 Govind Singh BPTP
82 Shashi Ranjan Ozone Park
83 Saurabh Gugnani RPS Savana
84 Kritika Khattar SRS residency
85 Saraswati Sharma Puri Pranayam
86 Suneel Kaul BPTP Park floor-!
87 Seema Joshi RPS Savana
88 Debasis Burman Omaxe new heights
89 Puneet Bhatia Ozone Park
90 Paramjiv Dutta Omaxe heights
91 Vinay K Chaudhary Omaxe Heights
92 Jatinder Kumar
93 Sanjeev K Daksh
94 Anil K Sharma
95 Burman P&B
96 Pankaj Arora
97 Praveen Rawat SRS Royal hills
98 Rajiv Malhotra
99 Gaurav Arora BPTP Park-81
100 Deepak Swami RPS Savana
101 Sumit Loona RPS Savana
102 J K Das Ozone Park
103 Uttam Sen Ozone Park
104 Subir K Poddar Sai Park
105 Sushil Bhatt SRS
106 Dharmendra SRS
107 Tarun K Gupta Piyush heights
108 Rajeev Aggarwal ERA Divine Court
109 Pradeep Kumar ERA Divine Court
110 Anant Vishal/BR Goyal SRS Residency
111 Aditya/Poonam Sharma Ozone Park
112 Devanand Sahu RPS Savana
113 Suleman Akhtar Triveni
114 Gopal Vijay RPS Savana
115 Sumit Narang SRS Residency
116 Anshuman Roy SRS Pearl
117 Shantanu Kar SRS Pearl
118 Vikas Saxena Omaxe heights
119 Anaupam Karmakar Shiv Sai
120 SP Ghosh Shiv Sai
121 Savdesh Khatri Omaxe heights
122 BP Pathak BPTP Park floors
123 Saurabh Sharma Piyush Heights
124 Aijaz Wani SRS
125 Ajay Mathur Puri VIP floors
126 Dinesh Gupta Omaxe heights
127 Puran Mahori
128 Kundan Singh Uppal Jade
129 Saurabh BPTP Princess Park
130 Aashish Kaul Era Redwood
131 Jaya Sahi ERA Redwood
132 Sumit Gaur Omaxe Heights
133 Satya Singh BPTP
134 Kumud Ranjan SRS residency
135 Harish/Munindra Sehgal SPR Imperial Estate

We are preparing to file our WRIT in 1st week of July so would request payments from other members asap. Lets keep last date as 30th June.


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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby s1joshi » Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:00 pm

Registered Members as on 26 June 2011 = 1376
Members contributed as on 26th June 2011 = 135

For past several months, The core team has been taking day off's each month to meet officials, spending almost all weekends in Faridabad brainstorming future course of action, meeting lawyers, gatherings proofs, and putting in lot of efforts on daily basis to make this a mass movement. Majority of us agree that one of the prime step for us to move forward (beside protests ) is to file a case which will require a huge corpus, Still not even 10% members have contributed till date.

For members who are yet to contribute - If you have any slightest of concern on transparency of funds or trust on GFWA, Feel free to share your thoughts or join us in any of group meetings, and we will do level best to resolve it. We would request all members who have not contributed and feel that we are doing the right thing, to join us and support this movement in whatever way they can.
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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby ddamitav » Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:31 pm


I am extremly sorry that I was inactive for a couple of months due to some personel issue. Even I could not able to transfer Rs. 500/- , I am ashmed of that. Tomorrow first thing I will do, is to transfer Rs 500 to the GFWA Account with out fail. I am also ready to contrubute what ever amount decided by the GWFA Forum apart from this 500.

Now onwards I will be actively participate in the forum and if required I will fly down to delhi if the Forum required me.



Amitav Dash
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Location: Mumbai

Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby cujatin » Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:23 am

Hi Vineet,

I filled the form that time after NEFT Transaction. But no Problem I have filled it again and submited :) .

My Flat is in T4 - 108.

The Project Name is RPS SAVANA Sec - 88 Faridabad.

One check point as I see in the list in below post there are one more sir with the same name "Jatinder Kumar" from SRS Royal. Please just to keep it in consideration.

Thanks a lot for such dedicated Team work.

Jatinder Kumar
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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby gaurav_1981in » Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:47 am

Hi Team,

I have made the contribution of Rs500/- to GFWA today.

Reference Number: 0271F11178000015

Name : Gaurav Gupta
Project : KST Whispering Heights

Thanks for doing such a wonderful service to all Greater Faridabad future resident people.

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta.
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Re: GFWA Bank Account details for contribution

Postby vrati » Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:23 am

I am sorry but I can not find the application form for the membership; I got details to make payment though. Please make a big fat link for membership payment and application on the opening web page. May be there are others like me who want to pay but cant find the procedure.

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