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Email address and contact info of Important HUDA, DTCP, Haryana Administration Officials

Postby avnish » Mon May 07, 2012 10:42 am

Official email id for

DGTCP, Chandigarh :

DTP, Faridabad :


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Re: Email address and contact info of Important HUDA,DTCP office

Postby BlessU » Mon May 07, 2012 12:45 pm


Important Email IDs, DTCP, Principal Secy, Financial Commissioner, STP, HUDA etc.
Please write separate complaints for each issue.
EG separate emails for EDC and IDC and Common area and licensing condition violation and illegal colonies etc Director TCP (all complaints regarding builders, edc, idc, violations, corrupt officers, illegal colonies etc) (-do-) (complaints regarding licensing violations, wrong edc/idc, illegal colonies) (All violations by builders pertaining to licensing conditions, illegal colonies, head quater DTP dealing with issues pertaining to Faridabad- Addressed to Ms Sunita SETHI) Local Faridabad office of DTP, BIG BOSS HUDA, BIG BOSS- Financial Commissioner, CM OFFICE

It is very important that any inexplicable act of the builders be addressed to the relevant authority. Some builders are not normal and insensitive human beings so please write about all unethical deeds with relevant proofs (of plot/flat/villa nos), correspondence with builder, receipts, scans of bba. Repeat the same issue in two different ways in your letter as officials have a habit of twisting the meaning of your request. Always mention the powers the officer has and always mention in heading as COMPLAINT against.... for illegal/wrong/cheating.... You dont need to be good to the builder who is cheating you.
Such complaints are no guarantee for getting a favourable response but continuous persistence and repetition of complaints builds a strong proof in case things need to go the Lokayukt or Criminal case. Best way is to send copies of all emails through SPEED POST as well and maintain receipts with details clearly visible.

Hope that helps

More details on sheet Important websites on excel on Faridabad Projects ... vdnc#gid=6

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Re: Email address and contact info of Important HUDA, DTCP, Haryana Administration Officials

Postby webmaster » Mon May 07, 2012 4:18 pm

Thanks for posting the information. I have made this a seperate topic for providing email address/mailing address/contact info of all important officials. Please use this thread for collating all the contact info of officials.
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