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Green Valley RWA

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Green Valley RWA

Postby s1joshi » Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:01 pm

I was going through the other project handled by RPS, GreenValley, and the online presence is quite amazing

Here is the web site

There were also a couple of threads regarding the issues and complaints that the residents had with RPS and Omaxe, thought it would be worth sharing -

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Re: Green Valley RWA

Postby webmaster » Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:42 pm

I followed the GV website sometime earlier this year. The GV project seems to be plagued with several issues which is definitely a matter of concern, however the picture is not clear who is at fault here; RPS, Omaxe, HUDA or the RWA.

There also seems to be a great disconnect between different groups of GV residents and the builders. And the biggest disadvantage is the website is a one-way forum, only the point-of-view of a certain section of the RWA is potrayed.
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Re: Green Valley RWA

Postby alok_gupta » Thu Aug 06, 2009 1:26 pm

My friend lives in Green Valley and till date there is no proper water / sewage / electricity connection. Water is being delivered by tankers and electricity by generators at an exhorbitant cost. God knows what they are doing regarding sewage. The RWA in GV is doing an excellent job. They were able to realise penalty from RPS due to delay in posession. Also they have forced RPS in building a sub station.

RPS has already delayed posession in Savana by more than one year. I am supposed to get posession in 2009 as per agreement as I booked my flat in 2006. We should not let the same bad things happen in Savana Project. We should not take posession till all things are in place. We should force HUDA and RPS to provide all the necessities.

We should form a RWA to discuss all the pending issues with RPS management.

Best Regards,

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Re: Green Valley RWA

Postby ddamitav » Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:32 pm

Hello Alok,
Let me clarify you your concerns.

1) Power and water is provided by govt agancy and RPS has nothing to do with it. For Power they have to Provide a Sunstation. Since GV is ruuning by Generator for Power and Tanker for water oviously the running cost will be more and resedent has to pay more money as Maintenance Fees. You can see now more than a year of possession there is no water and power for GV, then imagine what will happen for greated faridabad......... may be if we start struggle thyen we may get water and power sooner.

2) Regarding possession of RPS please check you builder buyer agreement I think they have mentioned a line possession in 3 years from the map approval. please re check and if that clause is not there you can ask RPS for Penalty of Rs 5 per sqft per month

keeping in view of the above facts lets pressure to HUDA to Provide basic amenities such as swerage, Water and electricity connection REMEMBER WE HAVE PAID HUGE MONEY AS EDC AND IDC................. and its our Right to ask HUDA for our money else we can sue them in consumer court as they failed to provide service irrespective of making payments of crores of Rupees.


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