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RPS Savana reasons for delay

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All updates regarding SAVANA

RPS Savana reasons for delay

Postby vineet723 » Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:28 pm


Regarding Internal & External Development Works & Possession Status at RPS Savana here are some point wise updates from a reliable source..

1. RPS Group till date has not floated tenders for FIRE Fighting Works.. without which completion cannot be recorded.
2. RPS Group has not placed order for LIFTS and approx 80 such lifts r to be installed in the facility . Lifts are mandatory requirement for obtaining completion certificate from HUDA, MCF
3. Internal sewer & water supply works r yet to begin
4. Internal Under Ground water tanks/reservoir for storage of water from both borewells & MCF hasn't taken place
5. STP ( Sewerage Treatment Plant) is to be setup & for this project approx 5-6 STP's of a medium grade facility.
6. EWS Flats construction yet to begin... another hurdle in obtaining completion certificate
7. Club house Construction not started.
8. Basement outside tower area not taken up till date ... most of area excavated but foundation work yet to begin
9. The pics RPS is publishing in posters in ads about Towers External Painting are false as only 1 tower T-8 external plaster completed, External plaster for Tower T-6 is Progress.
10. For internal roads development Sewer & water supply works need to be completed
11. RPS hasn't applied for substation for electricity ....

So position regarding completion & handing over is clear....
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Re: RPS Savana reasons for delay

Postby webmaster » Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:47 pm

A couple of more points from our member Sanjeev which I am posting on his behalf.

hi all,

I would like to add few more points subsequent to Vineet mail which have come to my notice yesterday from reliable source.

1. RPS has shortlisted 4 agencies (Civil Works Building Contractor)for construction of the Savanna project. Currently on an average, each Contractor is producing work of about Rs. 1.00 crore aggregating 4 crore work. According to the source, RPS does not delay in releasing payment to their Contractor, which projects me an image that they have no financial crunch. What needs to be assessed is how much work is required to done by each Contractor in order to complete the project by December 2010. Very big some in each month without doubt!!!

2. RPS does not pressurise their Contractor to accelarate the progress of Work which means they are reluctant to monitor the project. I hear that even RPS management stated to their contractor during recession time to retard the progress work so that their liabilty to pay reduces. I am trying to find out whether these appointed agencies have to pay the penality (in the form of Liquidated Damages) to RPS incase they delay to completion of project.

3. If any of us is in a postion to secure one copy of their Contract with the agency, which comprise of specification of work,items of work to be executed by each Contractor and their payment schedule and the terms of Contract, will help us to explore what is in the Contractor scope of work.

4. There is a possibilty, that the already appointed agencies has to carry out the work relating to internal road, water line, septic tank and other infra work. Lift may also include in the agencies scope of work. In such case it is not RPS who has to place order to procure, however it is the Contractor who will supply and the payment shall be made by RPS.

more latter....

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Re: RPS Savana reasons for delay

Postby vineet723 » Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:38 pm

hi all

here are some more points

1. The agencies responsible for the work are about to complete basic structural works in their respective towers, which accounts to almost 50% of the project cost.
Bal work pending are :-
(a) Internal Plaster
(b) Internal & External Plumbing works in flats
(c) Tile fixing in tiolets & kitchen & Internal flooring
(d) Internal door & window fixing
(e) Final finishing ie Polishing and painting --- most time consuming & labour oriented job

We can take possession of our flats after door & Window fixing .. final finishing can be carried out at a later stage if RPS gives an undertaking that bal work will be completed later.

2. The contractors wont be liable to pay for liquidated damages as RPS itself had asked them to reduce progress of work during recession period. RPS shall pay delay charges to those members who have not defaulted any single payment i.e not defaulted payment by even a day.

3. Even if Contractors are supposed to carry out work relating to internal road, water line, septic tank … etc these jobs consume a lot of time and can only be taken up after completion of internal plumbing works…. till date no progress has been in this regard.

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