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Forum for members of BPTP Park Floors, Parkland Faridabad

Why this silence among BPTP buyers ??

Postby aquaregia » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:00 pm

Dear Friends,

Of late I have observed that the property buyers from various builders like Piyush, RPS, SRS etc have become very active in voicing their grievances against their respective builders. In fact, many have initiated a collective action against the builders by contacting DTCP, TCP, SDM and other govt. authorities. I am happy to observe that they have succeeded in their efforts. Most active and successful amongst them have been the property buyers from Piyush group.

Now consider this. BPTP is the largest builder in Neharpar area, developing approx 2500 acres, may be more. Consider its just one project, BPTP Park Elite Floors. It has approx 5000 flat buyers, the largest in number amongst any project of any builder in Neharpar area. I am also one of them and I am feeling mighty depressed when I say that we BPTP flat buyers are doing NOTHING to bring this culprit to justice. After joining a few protests and some members meeting the builder, nothing concrete has emerged.

We all post letters to this forum voicing our anguish and threats to file FIRs or court cases against BPTP, no one does anything. I have gathered that some people did file some RTIs on various issues and got such replies that could be used as solid evidence of BPTP malpractises in the Court of Law. But, to add salt to injury, even if anyone is trying to go to court, no one is ready to share these documents.

What a sickening attitude ...

Friends, I plead you all to save your own hard earned money and unite to stop BPTP from fleecing its customers.


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