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Omaxians...Come Together

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Omaxians...Come Together

Postby vinitanandwani » Sun May 29, 2011 11:50 pm

Dear all Omaxe Friends,

As you all are aware, During our meeting with DC on 20th May, we were requested to submit our "individual" complaints in the DC office, DTP Sanjeev Maan has requested that all these individual complaints should come on GFWA letterhead and they would keep GFWA in loop in any action taken in this regard.
As well as this is also the way by which they want to check that how much majority of people are suffering from the hand of this rough builders.

Myself and Mr Gaur are in process of compiling complaints for Omaxe Heights and even for other Omaxe projects. All those who have any form of complaints or grievences against Omaxe Pvt ltd. and are interested in having there complaints registered to DC, are requested to do any one of below options:-

Revert on this forum with following details :

Subject : Complaint Submission against Omaxe Pvt Ltd
In your email, Please provide following only this much details

I would like to submit a complaint to District Commissioner Faridabad against Omaxe Pvt ltd. My details are as under

Name :
Flat Number :
Phone Number:

Once the details are compiled, we will share a copy of complaint letters to the people who have responded.We will also update you about the outcome too.

Please dont waste time ...strengthen together against the corrupt practices of builder and pour as much as complaint in this forum or through mail. We intend to submit our letters by 30th or 31st of this month.
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