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MoM with Arjun Puri 29.10.11

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MoM with Arjun Puri 29.10.11

Postby Nibha28 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 8:23 pm

Dear Prayanam members,
Pl find MoM with Dir PCL. The group had Davesh Rajput,Gaurav Chhabra,Sriram Natarajan,Jiten Goswami,Subhash Kumar,Saraswati Sharma & V.B. Mahajan.

Summary of discussion is as follows:

- The group managed a 1 - 1 meeting with Arjun Puri.
- Arjun stated that possession of all the Towers is envisaged by March 31, 2012 provided all allottees clear their dues. He said that the 'last labor' will move out of the site by that date.
-Regarding Electricity; Arjun claimed that they have been sanctioned power and have backup DGs on site.
-Sewerage will be on STP basis - meaning waste will be transported out of the site by trucks on a monthly basis and dumped at the HUDA waste sites.
-Water supply is available from 3 ground wells on the site.
-As regards the timeline for delivery, Arjun claimed that they are on track for 42 months from date of agreement. He also claimed Force Majure recourse due to non-availability of labor during the project.
-On EDC, promised to send the team the full details of the calculations and also amounts paid by Puri Const. He also offered to make them available to any expert that we wish to take them through.
-Arjun said that the team is welcome to take legal action against HUDA for the EDC - but suggested that it will not yield any tangible benefit.
-He also said that the Builders association has made a representation to the CM on the matter in June 2011. But have not received any response.
-Arjun believes that by paying the EDC amount, HUDA will build roads and make the necessary investments in infrastructure - which the team was extremely sceptical about.
-The team requested Arjun some flexibility for making the payments of the EDC demand. Arjun said that he can only do that on a case to case basis upon request but all payments should be made by 31st January 2012. He also claimed that he has already paid Rs. 40 cr and was 'out of pocket'.

The mins have been compiled by Sriram. Attendees: Do point out if you find anything missing/wrong.
Thanks Sriram for the same.

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GFWA Member
GFWA Member
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Re: MoM with Arjun Puri 29.10.11

Postby vivek » Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:23 pm

Pls can someone confirm action by team members subsequent to meeting with Mr Puri on payment of enhanced EDC.

In case if we have to pay, should we approach individually PConstructions or it will be joint action for payment in instalments.


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Junior Member
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Re: MoM with Arjun Puri 29.10.11

Postby Nibha28 » Fri Nov 04, 2011 8:27 pm

Vivek: In my mind, we should do it together. I increasingly see a need of separate RWA for us as we are nearing possession. I would encourage members to join a google group community which has some 200 odd prayanam members. This will help us fight our battle together. You can write to Papia Bhatachaarji, so that you are included in the mailing list and connected with the group. The mail id is
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GFWA Member
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