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Greater Faridabad Welfare Association meetings and important events information section

Meetings between GFWA and Administration on 01-01-13

Postby dheerajjain » Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:00 am

GFWA had various meetings yesterday with topmost officials in Faridabad Administration. Brief is below:

11:00 AM: Meeting with Deputy Commissioner.He assured positive action will be taken
11:30 AM: Meeting with ATP. This meeting ran into heated arguments and emotinal oubursts
12:00 PM: Meeting with Commissioner of Police, Faridabad. (There was an inauguration of easy FIR application submission, taking permissions for protests etc. at Sector 12 :) ). Commissioner of Police assured speedy positive action will be taken
12:00 to 01:00 PM: Builder specific agendas
02:00 PM: Meeting with SDM, Faridabad.
03:00 PM: Meeting with Senior Town Planner, Faridabad. That meeting was immensely positive and decisive action has been taken. STP also informed that Haryana Real Estate Regulation Act will be passed in next 3 months and then system will have appropriate checks & balances to stop these illegal practices. I request members to actively participate in smooth passage of this Act.
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Re: Meetings between GFWA and Administration on 01-01-13

Postby brandoo » Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:05 am

DTP officials including STP, initially reluctant to take any action but endorsed concerns shared by the delegation verbally.
Some of lame excuses given by officials are and I quote, "supreme court ki awmana hogi", "financial agreement is between you and builder we have nothing to do with it" etc. DTP officials were absolutely non committal.
We provided them evidences, argued strongly that without valid license no one can apply for Occupation Certificate, then how come Piyush group is demanding final payment.

When we persisted with what we wanted, we got this letter. This is not the all and end all in it self but humble beginning.

I urge all the members to do the homework and carry documentary evidences such as:
1. Any letter given by builder
2. File RTI application using license No and File No but not builder's name or GH society name (often license is obtained by other company or something)
3. If someone can afford to dedicate little more time, can seek inspection of file (pertaining to specific license) and get photo copies of relevant documents from DG TCP office at Chandigarh (I know these provision are there in RTI Act but would like to thank Mr Umesh Prabhakar for reiterating it once more during personal discussions)
4. Make 6-7 sets of all the documents and get receiving from every office with stamp (if respective officer doesn't take action we can approach seniors with the proof)

Guys please make good use of head start we got at the break of year 2013.

Lal Salaam
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