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Letter to remind IAS/IPS officials of the respect, goodwill they may attain

Postby s1joshi » Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:06 pm


Going by the recent episode of Durga Shakti Nagpal, a very young IAS official, who has been able to gather nation wide attention and support for her honest actions, I am thinking of sending in a reminder to all officials in the region to wake up and listen to their concise. The picture could have been very different in the region, if administration have kept their eyes and ears open and took action in timely manner. Over last few years, We have so many officials complaints filed on development front and against builder loot, However majority of them continues to gather dust. Transfers have been a routine practice in the region.

When a young IAS in her 20's can be strong to take action against sand mafia & politicians, why cant other administrator's learn from her and take strict action against open loot in the region.

Anyone who would be willing to assist/put in a draft, please share.
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