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Committee Under The DC To Inspect High Rise Buildings

Postby dp2013 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:24 pm

In one of our previous posts, we have mentioned the various steps which the buyers can take if they feel that the builders have done substandard construction or are resorting to the unfair trade practices. In this context, we would like to highlight one recent development which would be welcomed by the residents, buyers and resident welfare associations of the Faridabad and Greater Faridabad region.

Learning the lesson from the collapse of school building being constructed in one of the residential projects of the Greater Faridabad area, a committee has been formed by the DC of Faridabad which would be carrying out the inspection of the high rise buildings to ensure that these are being constructed as per the stated guidelines and conform to the highest standards of safety. This administrative activism is being welcomed by the people of the city who are often at pains to get the remedial action from district authorities even after lodging the complaint.

The committee would be headed by the SDM of the city and will be reporting directly to the DC. The other members of the committee would be the District Town Planner and officials from the Pollution Control, Electricity and Fire departments. The committee has been mandated to look into the construction of malls, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, flats and other high rise projects and conduct the inspection taking all aspects of safety into consideration.

The projects in the Greater Faridabad area will also come under the close scrutiny of the committee. The threat of an impending administrative action will also act as a deterrence to the builders from using sub-standard material in construction and flouting the norms of building laws and bye-laws. With Faridabad and Greater Faridabad expecting to house lakhs of people in the years to come, it is important to ensure that the places where they live, work and go for other needs are safe.

Besides carrying out the assessment, the committee will also be taking suitable action in case violations of law are found. Some of the leading malls have already been checked by the committee and suitable directives have also been issued to the owners and management for taking corrective action. The committee is expected to make a comprehensive check on all the developing and developed projects in near future.
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